Projects and Awards

 Funded Project Performed

May, 2011 ~ Apr., 2014              PI, Human factor analysis of 3D stereoscopic content: How to increase presence and decrease fatigue?: NRF

Oct., 2013 ~ Dec. 2013              PI, KIPA management evaluation: KIPA

June, 2013 ~ Oct., 2013            PI, Samsung mobile device display brightness test: Samsung Electronics

Oct., 2012 ~ Dec. 2012              PI, KIPA management evaluation: KIPA

May, 2012 ~ Dec., 2012             PI, Cyber ethical index evaluation in 2012: Ministry of Gender Equality & Family

June, 2012 ~ Aug., 2012             PI, Samsung Smart TV 2013 UI Analysis: Samsung Electronics

April, 2012 ~ August, 2012        Co-PI, The analysis of strategy and performance on smart-platform of global media conglomerates: KPF

Dec., 2011 ~ Jan. 2012             PI, KIPA management evaluation and online PR strategy development: KIPA

Aug., 2011 ~ Dec., 2011             PI, Policy suggestions through communications usage investigation of North Korea citizens: KORPA

April, 2011 ~ Dec., 2011             PI, Ex-post regulation by researching on the actual condition about unfair trading practices in mobile business ecology: KORPA

April, 2011 ~ Sept., 2011             PI, Smart media advertising strategy: KPF

April, 2011 ~ July, 2011              PI, Index development to evaluate KBS Radio: KBS

April, 2011 ~ June, 2011             PI, Digital switchover evaluation and suggestions: DTV Korea

Dec., 2010 ~ Jan. 2011             PI, KIPA management evaluation and online PR strategy development: KIPA

August, 2010 ~ Nov., 2010       Co-PI, Index development to protect content divide: KOCCA

July 3rd, 2010                              Seminar host: Trend and prospect of 3D: RAPA

July, 2010 – September, 2010     Co-PI, A study of the mobile internet content regulation: KOCSC                           

May, 2010 – April, 2011             PI, Analysis of 3D visual effect: NRF

May, 2009 – August, 2009          Co-PI, Network/Content convergence strategy of convergence media corporations: SKT

April, 2009 ~ Sept., 2009            PI, Media convergence and the extensions of senses: KISDI

March, 2009 ~ Feb. 2011           Co-PI, Signal Processing Elements and their SoC Developments to Realize the Integrated Service System for Interactive Digital Holograms: KIAT

December, 2008 – May, 2009     PI, EBS management evaluation: EBS

Nov., 2008 – October, 2009        PI, An analysis of the variables predicting instant messenger use: NRF

Oct., 2008 – March, 2009           Co-PI, Digital culture of adolescents 2008: Ministry of  Health & Welfare

May, 2008 – Nov., 2008             PI, UCC and Privacy: KISA

May, 2008 – October, 2008        PI, Haptic Device Use and Cognitive Function Development: ETRI

March, 2008 – April, 2008          PI, Problems and Issues of the News in the Portal Sites: KSJCS & NHN

October, 2007 - March, 2008   Co-PI, KT WiBro Project: KT

October, 2007 – Feb., 2008      PI, EBS Education Index Development: EBS

January, 2006                             PI, Digital Multimedia Broadcasting adoption behavior: Motives and diffusion, University of Arkansas.

January, 2006                               PI, Best practices to stimulate effective information and communication technologies diffusion in Ghana. University of Arkansas.

August, 2004 – Jan., 2005        Research Associate, 211 Project (PI: Dr. Sam Larsons), Ohio University.

Sept., 2003 – May, 2005           Research Associate, Estimating, improving, and measuring the external validity of effective STEM programs (PI: Dr. Jim Dearing), Ohio University. NSF 03-542.

March, 2002 - 2004                      Evaluator, PKAL Project (PI: Dr. Jim Dearing), Ohio University. NSF 03-558.


October 2013                  The Role of Gender and Technologies in Video Gaming. The Best Paper presented at the 2013 International Conference on Humanities, Society and Culture, October 20, 2013, Jeju Island, Korea.

October 2013                  The optimal depth parameter to produce 3D content. The Best Paper presented at the Korean Society for Journalism and Communication Studies Fall Conference, October 12, 2013, Seoul, Korea.

February, 2013                Chairperson’s Commendation Award, Korea Communication Commission

January 2013                   Effects of the seat position in the theater on visual fatigue, presence and perceived characteristics. The Best Paper HCI 2013. HCI Korea

November 2012              Outstanding Researcher Award 2012, Korean Society of Broadcast Engineering

June 2012                        Selected as a recipient of SBS Foundation’s grant to study abroad for 2012, Seoul Broadcasting System Foundation

May 2012                        Industry-Academic Collaboration Foundation Award, Kwangwoon University

October 2006                  Being named at the Marquis Who's Who in America 2007 (61st) Edition

August 2006                   The John Hunter Award for Meta-Analysis in Communication Research 2006. Information Systems Division of the International Communication Association

April 2006                       Exploring Predictors in Digital Multimedia Broadcasting (DMB) Use.
1st Place – Communication and Technology division (Debut Category) at the 51st annual convention of the Broadcast Education Association, Las Vegas, Nevada.

April 2006                       Digital Multimedia Broadcasting (DMB): DMB Innovators and Their Media Use.
2nd Place – Communication and Technology division (Debut Category) at the 51st annual convention of the Broadcast Education Association, Las Vegas, Nevada.

October 2004                  A comparison of cellular phone users and non-users: Applying Diffusion Theory and Technology Acceptance Theory.
$400 Cash Award. 2004 International Conference on Mobile Communication in Seoul, Korea.

September 2001            The Adoption of Online Newspapers in the United States and Korea: A comparison of self-construal and Theory of Reasoned Action$640 Cash Award. A paper sponsored by The Korean Society for Journalism and Communication Studies for the 52nd annual meeting at the International Communication Association, Seoul, Korea

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