Monday, October 1, 2012

The Psychology of Beer

the shape of the glass has a huge effect on how quickly we consume beer.

Straight glass vs curved glass

Bottoms Up! The Influence of Elongation on Pouring and Consumption Volume

Two experiments in cafeterias show that both children and adults
pour and consume more juice when given a short, wide glass compared to those
given a tall, slender glass, but they perceive the opposite to be true. We conclude
that the elongation of glasses negatively influences consumption volume in a singleserving context. A third potentially policy-relevant field experiment conducted with
Philadelphia bartenders and liquor shows that the effect of elongation is moderated—but not eliminated—with pouring experience.

subjects both poured and consumed more juice when they used a short, wide glass vs. a tall, thin glass. The effect was most pronounced in children, who poured and drank 74% more juice in the short, wide glass condition. Adults were hardly immune, though, their consumption rose by 19%.