Thursday, February 28, 2013


Hulu: No. 2 on Videos Served Behind YouTube

Hulu’s monthly unique visitors totaled 24.1 million Feb, 2013, who watched 709.9 million total videos, according to comScore. Meanwhile, Hulu served 1.44 billion ads in February 2013, representing 583 million minutes.
Google’s YouTube kept the No. 1 spot with a bullet in terms of reach and overall views, with 150.7 million unique visitors and 11.3 billion video clips served. And while Google delivered more ads -- 2.22 billion -- they amounted to 182 million minutes, less than one-third of Hulu’s total.
Hulu 2012: approximately $700 million revenue and more than 3 million paying customers for the $7.99-per-month Hulu Plus service, according to Kilar.
in February 2013, 178.0 million Internet users watched 33.0 billion videos, with 9.87 billion ads served (representing 3.77 billion minutes), according to comScore.
After Google and YouTube, the top 10 online video sites in terms of unique monthly viewers for February were: Facebook (61.2 million), Vevo (49.5 million), NDN (46.3 million), Yahoo! (43.6 million), Viacom (39.1 million), Microsoft (36.7 million), AOL (35.3 million), Turner (30.2 million) and (28.7 million).

Time Warner Ends Talks With Meredith and Will Spin Off Time Inc. Into Separate Company

Time Inc., suffering from industrywide declines, has consistently lagged in Time Warner’s quarterly earnings. In the three months that ended Dec. 31, revenue at Time Inc. fell 7 percent to $967 million. In the same period, revenue at the company’s cable television channels, including TNT, TBS and HBO, grew 5 percent to $3.67 billion.

Report Says Stanford Is First University to Raise $1 Billion in a Single Year

After Stanford, $1 billion, the fund-raising sums drop: Harvard raised $650 million; Yale, $544 million; the University of Southern California, $492 million; and Columbia, $490 million.

New Jersey Allows Online Betting Tied to Its Casinos

New Jersey the third state in the nation to legalize Internet gambling which has the first casino began operating in Atlantic City in 1978Delaware and Nevada have passed laws legalizing Internet betting, which also occurs offshore, untaxed and unregulated.

Big East Settles for Deal With ESPN

The Big East will get about $130 million over seven years.
cf. The Big 12’s 10 schools will reportedly receive slightly less than $20 million annually from agreements with Fox Sports and ESPN. The Pac-12, meanwhile, last year agreed to contracts with Fox Sports and ESPN that will reportedly pay its member schools $21 million per year. In the Southeastern Conference, its 12 members have been receiving approximately $17 million in TV revenue from the league. The SEC is expected to restructure its TV contracts with the addition of Missouri and Texas A&M. -

Groupon Dismisses Chief After a Dismal Quarter

In November, 2008, Mr. Mason and a few colleagues reformulated Groupon as a deals shop.
In two years, Mr. Mason was turning down a reported $6 billion offer from Google.
Groupon’s public offering, in late 2011, valued the company at $16.5 billion.
Groupon’s market value is now $2.97 billion as of February, 2013.

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