Friday, December 20, 2013

2014 Digital Trends And Predictions From Marketing Thought Leaders

a huge increase in location-based marketing.

The social, mobile web has digitized information and allowed us all to connect with anyone, anywhere.

One of the biggest trends involves brands acting as producers – going beyond the publisher mentality and setting up newsrooms and production studios. Netflix (“House of Cards”), Red Bull (Media House) and Amazon (Alpha House) are just the first wave of this emerging trend.

Cognitive computing is next big digital trend helping human experts make better decisions in many capacities.

2012 was the year of acquisition, large fan/follower numbers, and fast-growing communities.
2013 was a year of engagement and content optimization: marketers realized that vanity numbers were not enough, that to continue to show real growth and solid KPIs they needed to engage their communities in a more meaningful way.
2014 will be a year of advocacy: marketers realizing that with growth of their social communities stagnating and the big content machine churning 24/7 they need a more cost-effective and more impactful way to reach current and new customers long-term in a sustainable way.

Marketers are going to have to come to terms with disappearing social media. Expect marketers to explore new, creative ways of reaching consumers who prioritize privacy.

Smartphones and tablets have effectively become the center—and integrating components—of consumers’ multiplatform lives.

Facebook has changed its news feed algorithm which resulted in the decline of the organic reach. Twitter is a public company that must drive revenues. Google Plus has introduced ads.

If 2013 showed us anything it’s that content is king and in 2014 those who use it wisely in their marketing plans will succeed.

As wearable technology (Google Glass, fitness bands, Samsung Galaxy Gear) becomes ubiquitous in 2014, the amount of data created will provide a treasure trove of insights for marketers.

Customers are the lifeblood of any company, and in 2014 businesses will need to find ways to engage with their end users in more meaningful ways.

2014 will be the year that Advertorial 2.0 becomes a major part of the marketing mix for most companies. This has far-reaching implications for consumers, authenticity, journalism, marketing budgets, and the role of agencies and whether the future is more “social” or more “media.” I’m betting on the latter.

The best value brands can provide in social in 2014 is to listen, co-create with customers, integrate social into the product experience, furnish customer service, educate and evolve for the growth of the sharing economy,

In 2014, branded content marketing will be everywhere.  more brands launch their own content platforms, similar to what we’ve already seen with P&G, Adobe and Coca-Cola.
a number of larger brands actually buy media companies in a “build it or buy it” scenario for content marketing.

BitCoin and Virtual Currency.

a convergence of the disciplines of UX and brand storytelling.

“lean” is no longer just the practice of tech entrepreneurs, but it’s making its way to innovators in non-profit organizations and government bodies

If your business has not considered starting a podcast, now is the time.

Anticipatory computing is like Google Now for everything, serving up information you want before you even know to ask for it, based on things like the language you use, your mobile location and calendar events.

people eagerly embracing technologies that empower them to achieve greater balance.

‘Internet of Things’.


social listening solutions

Hoaxes will disrupt the digital world

collaborative economy