Friday, December 13, 2013

Too much time on social media may affect short-term memory

"Working memory enables us to filter out information and find what we need in the communication,” 
“It enables us to work online and store what we find online, but it’s also a limited resource.”
“When you are on Facebook, you are making it harder to keep the things that are ‘online’ in your brain that you need,” 
“In fact, when you try to process sensory information like speech or video, you are going to need partly the same system of working memory, so you are reducing your own working memory capacity.
 “And when you try to store many things in your working memory, you get less good at processing information.”

“The brain is made to go into a less active state, which we might think is wasteful; but probably memory consolidation, and transferring information into memory takes place in this state. Theories of how memory works explain why these two different states are needed.
“When we max out our active states with technology equipment, just because we can, we remove from the brain part of the processing, and it can’t work.”