Sunday, February 26, 2012

Mind where you're going: The skateboard controlled by brainwaves that moves wherever you think it should

Thinking of getting somewhere in a hurry? A new gadget from mobile app studio Chaotic Moon Labs proves that the future of travel is only limited by the imagination.
A skateboard, aptly named the Board Of Imagination, takes commands directly from the rider's brainwaves and transfers them to and 800-watt motor that propels the board forward.
Think of a destination, and how fast you would like to get there, and the Board Of Imagination will take off - hitting a top speed of around 30mph. If you think that's too fast, it will slow down.

Board Of Awesomeness! Specs for the original design, which used an XBox Kinect device to 'read' hand movements. The new Board Of Imagination scans brainwaves