Monday, November 4, 2013

United States: IP: Hop, Skip And Jump Those Ads

On Sept. 18, 2013, a New York federal judge denied ABC Inc.’s attempt to block pay-TV provider Dish Network Corp. from providing its Hopper DVR advertisement-skipping digital video recording service to viewers. The judge refused to do so almost two months to the day after the 9th Circuit rejected a similar request by Fox Broadcasting Co. to stop Dish’s service.
Dish’s suggestion? Targeted advertising. Dish argues that if broadcasters were to work with Dish to develop smarter targeting solutions, the ensuing advertising model would work for all parties concerned—consumers, content owners and distributors. One way or the other, Dish argues, the current advertising model is going to change, with or without the Hopper.
In the meantime, the big four broadcast networks remain hopping mad. They're resolutely opposed to Dish’s ad-skipping technology—and, unsurprisingly, they refuse to air on their own networks any paid commercials from Dish Networks that promote the service. This battle is far from over, but if Dish has its way, ad-wary consumers may be skipping for joy. Until the networks decide they can recoup lost advertising revenues by charging more for content.